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About The Owners

Bruce White started his building career in the mid 70’s working for an aluminum siding company in Alpena, Michigan. For a period of time before that, he worked in a paint spray shop working with custom automotive paints. Both of these fields of automotive paint and aluminum siding require a precise and unforgiving finished product as even small flaws will compromise the job. It is with this mindset he started building homes believing a good carpenter must have in mind the end finish quality of a house to appropriately understand the start of that house.

Quality has always been the number one priority for Bruce and Craftmark Construction. In 1988 he moved his family of 4 from the East side of northern Michigan to Harbor Springs soon becoming a family of 5. As he built many high quality homes in the Harbor Springs area he taught the building trade to his son Paul. After high school Paul spent time doing volunteer work in Brooklyn, New York. While in Brooklyn Paul spent time working in a cabinet shop, eventually moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. In Charlotte he worked as a project manager on multimillion dollar home remodeling projects. After being in Carolina for a couple of years he and his wife were delighted to find out that they were expecting a child. Deciding Harbor Springs is a wonderful spot to raise children they decided to move back to the area.

Paul worked for a local contractor while doing some of his own projects. During this time Bruce and his wife Mary spent their time near Grand Rapids to assist his mother in-law during her final years. When he returned to Harbor Springs area he started to get back to his roots as it pertains to home building, and focused on painting, gaining much joy bringing that high quality finish to a house.

In 2017 Paul and Bruce combined there efforts to bring Craftmark Construction back to its roots building very high quality homes that start and finish with a mentality of a flawless home at the project’s completion. Paul is now running the office full time so as to focus on the broad coordination of all projects while Bruce is much happier to fill a role as both co-owner and one of our project managers. This gets the experience in the field where is can be used to solve problems before they arise in the course of a large project.